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  Founder  :-  Sanu Kumar Verma

We are helping artist irrespective of their field to achieve their fullest creative potential, career and financial goals is our mission. we serve artist ,from across the globe , from beginners to advanced , in all styles and mediums. on this page you,ll find out about our career counseling services .
We also offer artist to establish their identity through our site. Let,s take your artistic fevor to the next level !!!!!!!!!!!
As your career consultant and coach I know how to evaluate your strengths and unique attributes as an artist in-depth knowledge of the art business.

We Also Help Art Agents

I also offer consultations to art agents, new gallery owners and art organizations who are interested in learning how to set up and build their businesses, including how to  work with artist and  art  buyers .if you want to learn  more about this profession we charge the same rates as we do for artists.

  • Professional and constructive feedback about  your art portfolio and style .
  • Editorial feedback on your website, artist’s statement and artist ‘s biography .
  • Ways to define your customer profile and market options.
  • How to increase your sale, exhibition, and career status.
  • How to approach galleries and art consultants.
  • Choose the best art career marketing directions for you.
  • Ways to use and social media experience.

Any other areas you want  to receive advice abaut .

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 The Team Members

  Every Independent Artist Needs

As an indie artist, you’re used to doing it all. But at some point in your journey, you will find doing it all takes away from your ability to focus on your Art. When you realize you don’t have enough time to get everything done, it’s time to start thinking about assembling a team to support and assist you.


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